About us

Association Femmes d’Europe aisbl.
Honorary President Mrs. Irene Timmermans

Who are we?

Our Association is a non-political, independent organization based in Belgium and Luxembourg. Most of our 800 members are women from EU and EFTA member states; women of other nationalities living in Brussels join us as well.

Our philosophy

We work to raise funds in a spirit of friendship and on a purely voluntary basis. As a result, our overhead costs are less than 3 % of the total funds raised per year. To help those in need, our members work together, thus getting to know each other and appreciating different cultures.

How do we raise funds?

We generate funds through various events (concerts, exhibitions, lectures, dinner parties and a Christmas Bazaar) organised by our volunteers. Every year, we welcome thousands of people to our many functions.

How do we use the funds?

We use our funds to finance small-scale humanitarian projects focusing mainly on education, training and health programs for women and children, often the first victims of poverty and exclusion.

We exercise great care in the choice and control of these projects and guarantee our sponsors and supporters that the funds we raise with their help are put to effective use.

In 2015, we provided aid in excess of € 350,000:

  • European Union: 52 %
  • Other European countries: 3 %
  • Africa: 30%
  • Asia: 13 %
  • Latin America: 2 %

Since its foundation in 1976, our Association distributed over € 9 million in support of projects all over the world.


The Association is subdivided into 21 different groups: 19 national groups representing different member states of the EU, one EFTA group and one multinational group made up of women from all over the world.

The Annual General Meeting is the sovereign authority of the Association.

The Administrative Council is its executive body

The Executive Board carries out the day-to-day management of the Association and reports to the Adminstrative Council.

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Bernadette Ulens


Eva Töttösy Tackoen

Vice President Projects

Niovi Kyriazakou

Secretary General

Bernadette Grünhage


Ghislaine Troubetzkoy

Vice President Events

Lilian Damsten


Renate Smith

Vice President Press/Communication

About us

Small scale projects
Education and training
Hygiene, water and sanitation
Agriculture and animal rearing
Emergency relief

Upcoming Events

29 Sep 2016
07:30PM -
Piano Recital - Laura Mikkola
06 Oct 2016
02:00PM -
Contemporary American Art - Warhol
13 Oct 2016
07:30PM -
40th Anniversary Candlelight Dinner
24 Oct 2016
08:00PM -
Autumnal Viennese Classics
13 Nov 2016
03:00PM -
Les Cosaques - Musique spirituelle de l'ancienne Russie
26 Nov 2016
10:00AM - 05:30PM
Bazar de Noël - Christmas Bazaar
06 Dec 2016
08:00PM - 11:00PM
Piano Concert - Chopin


Association Femmes d'Europe aisbl
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Telephone: +32 2 660 56 96 
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e-mail: info@assocfemmesdeurope.eu

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